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Eyes, which play a prominent role among all the sense organs, play a vital role in our life.

However, eyes are often neglected and many eye diseases are detected only when they are escalated to much more serious conditions. Our Ophthalmology division offers all advanced eye treatments including Keyhole cataract surgery, Phacoemulsification, Laser photo coagulation, Paediatric diabetic eye check up, Glaucoma investigation, Squint surgery, Foldable and multi focal implants, Rop screening, Retinal and vitreous surgery.

Diagnosis of the problem at an earlier stage is the most critical aspect of most of the eye diseases. Our Ophthalmology division hence focuses on early and accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment of eye disorders.

Our Doctors / Specialists

Dr. Rosu George Mathew MS (OPH)
Dr. Rosu George Mathew MS (OPH)